Top Tips When Choosing An Emergency Locksmith

22 October 2019
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What would happen if your key broke as you tried to access your home? An emergency locksmith would come to your rescue during such situations. Read the extract below to understand the various considerations to make when hiring an emergency locksmith.


Your choice of locksmith should have sufficient experience in the repair and replacement of locks. Inquire about his or her qualifications. For instance, a locksmith with post-graduate certificates may provide high-quality services. Also, inquire about the locksmith's reputation. Conduct some internet research, ask for testimonials or tell friends and family to refer you to reputable locksmiths. 

Company versus Individual

Most people are often in a dilemma of whether to deal with locksmith companies or freelance locksmiths in their locality. The main benefit of engaging a company is that they have a lot of staff. As such, they are best suited to handle emergencies that require more than one locksmith. On the other hand, you will benefit from the personalised services provided by freelance locksmiths. Most of these professionals are interested in forming long-term relationships with their clients. 

Professionalism and Response Time

Evaluate the locksmith's level of professionalism. For instance, does the individual have general liability insurance to protect your property in case of accidents? Is the locksmith affiliated with professional associations in your area? Does the locksmith provide consultation services before arriving at your premises? For instance, he or she can guide you on how to open a lock rather than physically visiting your home.

What is the locksmith's response time? Work with a professional who promptly responds to your emergencies. For example, some locksmiths are known for responding to emergencies in less than thirty minutes. 

Range of Services 

You would also be interested in the services provided by the locksmith. For instance, he or she should be in a position to repair and install the various locks in your home. If you have restricted access systems, you would want a locksmith who can repair the locks without compromising your home's alarm system. The locksmith should also provide car lock repair services. Other services that you may be interested in include key duplication, resetting electronic locks, installation of safes and the replacement of panic bars. 


The locksmith's services should be reasonably priced. Experienced and reputable locksmiths may be a bit expensive; however, they will provide high-quality services. Remember to inquire about deposits and cancellation fees.

When choosing an emergency locksmith, evaluate his or her experience, professionalism, response time, range of services and pricing.