What Benefits Do CCTV Systems Offer?

8 June 2022
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A CCTV installation at your home or business premises is a great idea for many reasons. Of course, the first thing most people associate with a CCTV system installation is the fact that it will help to deter crime. In other words, simply by installing a surveillance system, you should be able to make people much more cautious about entering your property if they have no right to be there and to commit crimes even if they are allowed in. This fact alone is why so many properties throughout Australia now have a CCTV system of some kind. However, deterring crime is just one benefit, so what else can you expect?

  • Improved Insurance Services

To begin with, a CCTV installation will often mean it is cheaper to insure your home or place of work. This is because insurers know that places with adequate security measures are much less likely to have a claim made against them for things like theft. As such, your insurance premiums should drop once the installation has taken place. Furthermore, properties with CCTV cameras make it easier for their owners to make claims and to demonstrate that any claim that is made has a valid reason behind it.

  • Dealing With Anti-Social Behaviour

Not all CCTV system installations will prevent anti-social behaviour but they should help to lessen their frequency or the trouble they cause. This is because people simply tend to behave better when they know there is a camera pointing at them. Not all anti-social behaviour is criminal, of course, but CCTV installations have the same deterrent effect on nuisance-makers as they do on criminals.

  • Monitor Your Property Even When You're Not There

With modern installations offering remote monitoring services over Wi-Fi, it is now possible to have your router send you live digital images from your CCTV system to your laptop or mobile phone. This way, you can track what employees are up to at the office or simply keep tabs on your children when you are not at home.

  • Collect Evidence of Crime

Finally, it should be underlined that deterring crime is only one side of what a CCTV installation will offer when it comes to criminality. If crimes occur on your property, then having CCTV cameras record what has been going on will enable the subsequent police investigation to be much more effective. Even better, video evidence can be submitted at any trial that may follow, making a conviction that much more likely.