What to Know About Replacing a Garage Remote

25 July 2019
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Garage remotes can be lost or damaged, leaving you with the need for a replacement option. You may be wondering how you go about replacing the remote and ensuring you get one that will work properly with your current door. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you order the right remote. Each of these methods is something you can do on your own using the information you have from your garage door system.

Find the Model Number 

The first step to take, even if you are using a universal garage remote replacement is to find the model number. The model number is located in several spots, but the easiest to access is likely your garage door. On the inside panel of the garage door will be a sticker placed by the manufacturer. This may also be attached to the remote box mechanism that opens the garage door. The sticker will have the manufacturer name as well as the model number. This number is the one you will need to write down.

Find the Type of Remote You Need

The most common type of remote for garage doors is a learn smart model. This means it has a button that is marked as a learn smart. When this button is pressed, it will connect and sync with the garage door opener unit. There are usually two other buttons on this type of remote for opening and closing the garage door as well. Other options may have two buttons, with one performing the same features. You will need to know which option you have to get a proper replacement.

Find the Smartphone Options

If you have a garage door remote that is smartphone connected, you may need to have the app name. The app that is associated with the garage door may have the option to upgrade. What this means is that when you first bought the system, a separate remote was needed with the app acting as a monitoring system. An upgraded app may act as the replacement remote, making the phone your remote. You can still get a backup remote if you need one for other members of the family. 

When you have the information about your garage door remote gathered, contact the manufacturer. If you can't contact the manufacturer directly, look for an authorised reseller. They can help you order the replacement and answer any further questions you have.