Common Reasons Why Your Door Locks Might Get Stuck

15 April 2019
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When using your vehicle, you may not think about the locks on a daily basis. But what happens when your car locks get stuck in an open or closed position? In some cases, the locks can become jammed and prevent your doors from opening or closing.

This issue is incredibly frustrating, as you may not be able to enter your car or to lock the door once you open it. Stuck door locks are also a safety and security concern for motorists.

Here are some common reasons why your door locks might get stuck, and how a locksmith can help.  

1. Dirt and Debris

Perhaps the most common cause of jammed door locks is dirt and debris. Dirt particles are small enough to enter the keyhole and accumulate over time. When you insert your keys into a dirty keyhole, the particles may interfere with your door lock assembly and cause jamming. Furthermore, debris can penetrate into the internal framework of your door assembly. Such debris may come from broken internal components or even a previously broken key.

A locksmith can determine if you have a dirty or blocked locking system. You may be able to diagnose this issue yourself if you have trouble inserting the key into the keyhole. However, the problem could be with certain faulty components inside your door's locking mechanism.

2. Issues With Your Latch or Handle​

For your car door locks to open or close, many different parts need to work in unison. The door handle needs to interact with the locking cylinder, which in turn unlocks the latch. Any broken connections within this system can result in jammed door locks.

Therefore, you should have your locking assembly checked if you're struggling with jammed locks. A locksmith can access the main door panel to check where connections within the system could be broken.

3. Rusting

Rust is another common problem that can affect vehicle locks, especially if you live in humid areas. Rusted internal components increase unnecessary friction and can cause the locking assembly to slowly fall apart over time.

If your locksmith identifies rusted components, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Physical Damage to the Locking System

Sometimes it's not the actual door mechanism that has an issue. Jamming complications may arise from a damaged doorframe that's bending and interfering with your door locks.

If your doorframe has been deformed due to an accident, it might be the cause of frequent locking issues. Have the doorframe fixed by an auto technician before your locksmith can correct the locking mechanism.