Commercial Locks – Make the Switch From Mechanical to Digital Locks

26 February 2018
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When it comes to tech advancements, the lock industry has not been left behind. Currently, there is a broader selection than there has even been in the market for locking options. Therefore, you would have no excuse for not ensuring that your business premises are as secure as it can be. However, the vast range of options can also be confusing to navigate when you want to whittle down your choices. Fortunately, the advent of digital locking systems has steadily eliminated the need of having to utilise other mechanical varieties, especially when you are intent on securing your main entryways and other sensitive areas of your business. If you are undecided regarding the switch to digital locks, read on for some of the advantages they would accord you over their mechanical counterparts.

Digital locks eliminate the need for keys

Keys are part and parcel of mechanical locks. And although these devices allow you access to your premises, having to perambulate with keys is a high-security risk. Firstly, when you have multiple employees with copies of your keys, you are unable to track down the movements of these keys. Therefore, anyone could gain entry to your building as long as these individuals have been handed the right key.

Secondly, keys are easily lost. Not only does this mean having to resort to key cutting, but it also poses the risk of your keys getting into the wrong hands. Rather than sacrificing the security of your building, it is advisable to switch to keyless entry that will increase the security of your premises.

Digital locks allow you to track and restrict access

The second advantage of installing digital locks in your office building is the increased access control you have over your premises. For starters, digital locks keep a record of every person that is granted admittance into the property. In case of any security breach, you have the opportunity to go over the logs and try to determine whether there was any suspicious activity that you were not alerted to.

In addition to this, having digital locks gives you the freedom to restrict specific areas of your building. You can program varying passcodes to the different parts of the property, which would decrease the risk of any unauthorised persons making their way to areas that they are not permitted to be. Moreover, this also minimises the risk of a breach since the people who have the codes to these restricted areas will be limited in number.

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