Three Reasons to Keep a Mobile Locksmith's Number in Your Phone

31 August 2017
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Do you have the number for a local mobile locksmith saved to your phone? If not, why not? Being locked out of your car, losing your keys, damaging your locks or snapping the end off your transponder key is a massive inconvenience if you aren't prepared. If you're forced to stop in an unsafe area, not being able to regain access to your vehicle could put you at risk. Read on for three reasons you need to save the number for a mobile locksmith ASAP.

They Can Clone Broken Transponder Keys 

You put your keys into your vehicle, start to twist, and . . . snap. The end of your key breaks clean off. This isn't actually as catastrophic as it might feel, as most mobile locksmiths can create a new key simply by using the head of your key. They'll clone the chip onto a machine, then copy it onto a blank key. This saves you the trouble of going directly to the car manufacturer and waiting days for your new keys. If the end of your key is stuck in the lock or ignition, they'll use a special tool to remove it without causing internal damage.

They Can Recondition Locks on the Roadside 

Is your key working fine, while your lock refuses to open? Chances are the internal wafers are out of alignment or stuck in place. In the majority of cases, a mobile locksmith can replace the wafers to get your lock working again, without you needing to leave the roadside. If you've just had a new key cut and it doesn't work in your car, lock reconditioning will usually fix the issue.

They Can Enter Your Vehicle If Your Keys Are Locked Inside

How embarrassing is it to lock your keys inside your vehicle? While it might be pretty humiliating, locking your keys away isn't the end of the world if you've got a mobile locksmith's number to hand. They'll be able to enter your car without using the key, usually by air wedging a door open and using a lever to gain access through a door or window. This saves you the expense and trouble of having all your locks and keys replaced.

Nobody plans to get locked out of their car, but it happens to everyone at some point. Be prepared for the worst by keeping the details of a local mobile locksmith saved to your phone at all times.