Your options if you are locked out

17 May 2017
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It is frustrating to get locked out of your house or car. There are many things you can do, some not as wise as others. Here are the possible things you can do if you get locked out of your house listed in order from the worst to the best;

Break in

There are many ways you can break into your house. The old method is through the window or kicking the door in. However, you can start subtly by using a credit card if your door has a spring lock. If it does not work try to remove the doorknob. If you get into your house through the window and find a key, that's good for you. However, if the key does not have a spare key remember to visit a locksmith and get a spare key made. If you were able to break in through the door, call a locksmith who can do a new door and lock installation. The present one does not stand a chance against a burglar.

Go to a friend's or a motel

If it is late in the night and you don't see a way to breach your door, you might want to visit that old friend or sleep at a motel. Come morning, find a locksmith to make a new set of keys for you.

Call a locksmith

This is the best move. Hopefully, you used method one or two because you had no way of contacting an emergency locksmith. If you have a working phone, you need an option that will minimize damage and inconvenience. The locksmith will make a new set of keys for you minus the costs of door repairs or a motel that come with the previous options. If you are locked out of your car there are three main options namely;

Smash a window

If your keys are locked in the car, this seems to be the option movies want you to take. The risks here are many, just don't use your fist. You can get into your car, clean up a little and drive to the nearest garage to buy a new window and have it fixed. This is costly

 Call a towing service

If you are patient you can call a towing service. Your car will be towed to a destination then a new set of keys will have to be made. Call a locksmith This is cheaper than option one and faster as well as cheaper than option two. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you just call a mobile locksmith.