How to prevent a burglary

17 May 2017
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It takes a lot of saving and self-discipline to buy all the nice stuff you keep in your home from your TV, other electronics, and jewelry. You do not want to lose this hard earned stuff to a burglar in a single day. To be sure your house is not easy to break into you can call a locksmith to do a security check on your home.

Here are some parts of your house to work on that will help protect your stuff from burglars; Doors Doors are your first line of defense against burglars. Make sure all the doors that offer entry into the house are of solid wood or metal. If you have a door made of a material that is not tough, a burglar can kick it in. In addition to the secure door, the frame and hinges should also be able to withstand extreme force.

An essential part of the door is the lock. All doors that offer access to your house from the outside should have deadbolts. If the door has glass, the deadbolt should be the double cylinder type so that even if a burglar breaks the glass, they cannot open the door.

One more thing you need to know about locks is that they get outdated, there is always a burglar somewhere who can pick a lock that has been in use for a long time. Get a locksmith to look at your locks and replace any outdated ones.

Finally, keep your keys safe, if a spare gets lost, have the lock re-keyed. When you have put all the right measures in place, don't leave your doors open.

Windows If a burglar can't break in through your doors, the next option is the window. You can secure your windows by using burglar proof window grill. Make sure you window latches work and consider having locks installed on them. The other part to consider in your windows are the frames. Weak window frames make it easy for a burglar. Get such replaced with stronger frames.

As with the door, lock your windows when you are going out.

If you have made your doors and windows secure, unwanted entry into your house becomes hard. You can consider other anti-burglary measures like alarm systems and motion detectors.

All these systems will work best when you don't give a burglar enough reason to want to get into your house so bad. One way you can do this is to use window treatments like blinds.