Can you keep your valuables safe?

8 May 2017
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Today safes are not that expensive if you know where to look, and you can easily keep your stuff safe if you buy a second-hand safe from a place like, Askwith Company. There are many types of safes you can buy depending on your needs and budget. They include;

Simple safes

These are the most basic of safes. They are usually cheap and small. Your children and members of the household will not be able to breach them easily but chances are that a burglar will. The main use of a simple safe is to protect some documents that are valuable to you but would be of no use to a stranger.

Burglar proof safes

These can be described as burglar proof because they are deemed as a reasonable protective measure to protect your stuff from burglars and fire. They are quite heavy and will be hidden from view. Burglar proof safes can be embedded on the wall, floor or just left to stand like a piece of furniture. Here are a few details about them;

Wall safes

The good thing with wall safes is that they can be easily hidden from view with a little decoration or accessory. Many people will hide their wall safes behind a shelf or painting though harder to detect tactics can be applied; like a false wall or elaborate patterns and disguises. They are usually very strong and hard to break into. They are also probably the most popular.

Floor safes

These are usually embedded on the floor of your residence. They are usually installed during construction although the locksmiths can have them installed at any other time albeit with more work. They are also easy to conceal and hard to breach. The downside is that they could come into contact with corrosive and rust agents if not well installed.

Standalone safes

These, as aptly named, stand alone. They could be placed on the floor or on top other items like a cabinet. They are usually heavy and hard to break into. The two main weaknesses of standalone safes are that they are harder to conceal and they take more space.

Customized safes

Due to a variety of items that you need to protect, your locksmith could have a gun safe or jewelry safe which falls into any of the above categories.

Where to get a second hand safe

If you want a good second hand safe, look for locksmiths who recondition used safes because such safes will work well as they have been tested and checked to be in good condition.