Good Reasons Why Employers May Need to Install CCTV at the Workplace

2 May 2017
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Nowadays, you will find CCTV security cameras installed in most workplaces that you walk into. But the use of these security cameras at workplaces remains one of the most highly controversial debates between Australian employers and their employees. On one side, some employees argue that monitoring employee activities with security cameras is a violation of their right to privacy. On the other side, employers argue that their use of security cameras at the workplaces is meant to help operate their businesses efficiently.

If you want to install CCTV security cameras at your workplace to help monitor staff activities, such installation must not be meant to infringe on the rights of your employees. Here are some justifiable reasons as to why you may need to monitor workplace activities using CCTV cameras.

Preventing Theft/Solve Theft Cases

Employers have a legal right to protect business assets against theft or loss. Therefore, they can install CCTV security cameras in areas that contain key equipment that may be easily stolen from the premises by employees or intruders. While the cameras may not stop anyone from stealing an item from the workplace, it may help discourage theft because workers will be aware that they are being watched. And, in the event that a theft case arises, employers can use footage retrieved from the cameras to help find the culprit. This will help secure vital business equipment that is necessary to conduct everyday business operations. 

Preventing Workplace Assault

Workplace assault can take various forms — it can be physical, verbal or even written. The installation of CCTV at the workplace can play a big part in the prevention of violence. This is because employees as well as their superiors tend to be at their best behaviour when they know they are being watched. This will help prevent employee vs. employee assault cases and a reduction in cases of employee harassment and mistreatment by their superiors.

Ensuring Pleasant Customer Experience

Employees are key representatives of any business/organisation because they are the ones who serve and interact with customers on a daily basis. Employers have a right to ensure that customers are being served well so that the business or organisation can grow its bottom line. However, you should keep in mind that while someone working behind the reception counter at a hotel may not expect a reasonable level of privacy, for example, the kitchen staff working in the same hotel will most likely expect some privacy.