Door handles for your home

1 May 2017
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Door handles are probably the part of your house that is touched most after the taps. Door handles affect the look of doors and subsequently your house.

There are different types of door handles designed to meet different needs.

Modern door handles come with more intricate designs and colors, you can get fancy handles with intricate designs or handles in light colors like yellow on nursery doors. Most handles that bear a lot of pushing, pulling and turning tend to be made of metal and sometimes wood. This is because making doors out of material that is not long lasting and strong can be a recipe for trouble if the handle breaks and you are forced to sleep outside or remain in your house.

There are two main types of door handles used in homes;

Lever handles

Again, these come in two types. They are strong and so they are used for both internal and external doors

Lever handle on back plate

This is a very common type of door lever, the lever is attached to the top half of a back plate that can be described as rectangular with rounded edges in many cases. If the door does not need to be locked, a lever latch usually suffices. The door is opened and closed by turning the lever. If the door has to be locked, the lock is usually installed below the lever with the keyhole through the plate. This type of handle is usually used with a mortice sash lock.

Lever handle on rose

This design is the lever of choice in many new and upcoming buildings. The levers that operate this door handle are attached to the door by a small neat circular plate. The reason for this popularity is that they come in satin finishes on stainless steel, chrome, and nickel as well as polished brass, polished chrome, antique brass and bronze finishes. These levers are usually strong. With lever handles on rose, mortice locks can also be fitted if the door needs to be locked.

Door knobs

Door knobs are often perceived as old school but they are still stylish, they come in two types;

Mortice door knobs

They come in varying styles and several interesting finishes. They are also fitted to the door using metal plates and they can be round or modified for a unique look. To open the door turn the knob. Locks are usually installed separately for these door knobs.

Rim knobs

Rim knobs operate almost like mortice door knobs but they come with rim locks and they are usually installed in the inner doors of the house.